Sindre Bøyum

Will Biome ( replace Prettier and ESLint?

Over the weekend I started playing with the rather new formatter and linter written in Rust.
If you're familiar with Prettier and ESLint, you'll quickly get into the basics.
The improvement was clear!
ESLint and Prettier spent 5+7 seconds running on the same code with a cache, while Biome merely spent 50ms on the entire codebase.
However, I think that for most codebases, the developer experience will be key – I only rarely notice IDE slowdown because of Prettier and ESLint.

➕ Some positive notes I've made are:

➖ I find it a bit difficult to say whether or not Biome is the perfect contender after this minimal test, however it really seems promising. I have a few worries which might not be justifiable, but they are:

All in all, though - I'm excited to see where Biome goes!
It seems mature enough for most projects and is in any case good competition for the existing tools!

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